3 New Ways To Use Instagram

To get traffic from Google you first have to RANK on its first page, meaning, that for a specific targeted keyword, you have to appear on the first page or else it will be of no real use to you. Think of it this way, if a tree falls in a forest but no one is around, does it make a sound? Perhaps, but how would anyone know if nobody heard anything? same with your content. If nobody knows the content is there, your content has no value. Now, to rank on Google, you need to know a bit of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Customer comments will continue to play a major role in consumer spending and more and more, this will be promoted by the company selling the product such as a restaurant. Similar to today how FutureShop has customer comments on products, it’ll be more common for you to see the comments with restaurants.

The Chris Brown and Frank Ocean fight now has a religious element that reflects persecution. While the fans are still chuckling over the scuffle on Monday that had two grown men throwing down over a place to put their wheels, it appears plenty of feelings were hurt and now Jesus has come into play. Whether it was exactly where the cars were parked or the words spewed at each other, fans might never know what instigated the fight between the two artists. On Tuesday morning Chris Brown posted a picture of his latest work on his Auto Followers Instagram on how he feels and it depicts three men on crosses.

There is a new iPhone camera app that combines the fun of photos and video all in one. Taking a series of photos and turing them in a flip book style photo stream, Lightt is quickly becoming a hit with party people. You launch the app, click the camera button and it does all the work for you. The app takes a series of photos, letting you capture the full moment; from laughs to cheers to dancing and everything else. Perfect for capturing the nightlife antics at your favorite nightclub. Since the app automatically snaps several photos all you have to do it let the moment unfold in front of you, while Lightt does the rest.

The top iPhone Game for 2011 is Tiny Tower, free in the App Store. Although free, it’s really a freemium tower-building game, as there are in-game purchases to be made (natch).

You don’t want to look desperate by tweeting and updating your status constantly about the job. Letting your friends and followers know you applied and asking for references once or twice is quite enough. You want to show you know how to network properly. Any other way can be detrimental to your search. When you update your status to your professional, the best rule of thumb is to think “Will this get me fired if I had a job in the real world?” If you wouldn’t say it on the job in real life, don’t post it to your page.

Downloading these mobile apps is easy and convenient. You can go to the Market icon on your device and search for the apps. You will find a wide variety of apps with different uses. Most apps are free while some require a small payment. It is best to read the entire description of the app before downloading. You can also view the ratings and reviews. This lets you choose the best app for the purpose you desire. However, you can always uninstall an app if it doesnot suit your needs.