68 Tips, Tricks And Things You Should Know About Legitimate Paid Survey Sites

If you are reading this then you are probably one of the millions of people looking for an online survey job. This market has been flooded by the unemployed, stay at home moms and college students. It’s too bad that barely anyone will succeed long term taking paid surveys.

To describe an online survey job would be to say that you would be taking market research surveys for money involving products of certain companies. You would maybe try the product then take a 50 question survey on your experience with it.

Generally speaking, the lower the amounts paid to survey participants the higher the turnover and the higher recruiting fees these low-pay/no pay online survey makers must pay to remain in operation.

If a survey company is true, you’ll can be asked a few non invasive questions. Never give out personal information, like your social security number, bank or credit card numbers etc. Some of the qualifying survey questions could seem invasive, but again these are simply qualifying questions. You will never be asked “exactly” what is your income, just an average over and under type question. They will almost always ask for your zip code, your city, and state. Sometimes you are asked your age, or a bracket, Don’t worry they aren’t mailing you a birthday card. I have gotten e-cards, and in two cases extra points for my birthday, and for my anniversary as a member. Seriously though, these companies aren’t recording your personal information for the companies they represent, nor will they sell your name.

When it comes to survey sites, there are two things that you must realize. The first is that you should never have to pay a fee to join. The second thing is that some survey websites are just plain deceitful and not worth your time. Here are some tips to avoid these types of survey sites.

Problem 3: Failure to follow through and do their part — Many people dawdle about in sending out their applications to take surveys. “Oh, it’s too much work!”, “It’s boring”, etc. So the survey makers don’t know that they are there, consequently they cannot send out surveys. And the prospective survey taker gives up because, “There’s no money in it!”!!

Free surveys sites are a fantastic way to work at home without a boss breathing down your neck. You work at your own pace. The money you earn is the result of your efforts. The survey sites are easy to join. By joining several survey sites you will always have surveys available so that you can earn money online. Plus, by joining several sites you have the ability to gain more referrals and keep your work interesting by having many different kinds of surveys to take at any one time.