9/17/08 Short Attention Span Oakland Raiders News Update

Comedy Central– home to such programming as “Krod Mandoon”, “Mind of Mencia”, “Secret Girlfriend”, and “Scrubs”– is airing a new series based upon the inherently filmable act that is ventriloquism. Starring “comedian” Jeff Dunham, the show is being lambasted by critics who aren’t enjoying the racial stereotypes, puppets, or the unfunny jokes. Here with a review roundup is the Comedy Examiner. Read on, gentle Examiner readers…

It is important to pick the right time of day to get your exercise in. Some people are morning people while others thrive in the evenings. Pick the time that works for you. Think about it and decide what works best for you. You may be the type of person that has trouble getting off the couch after supper exercise so you might want to exercise before supper.

Martin has come up with an ingenious way to save the information he finds. The tool needed for this trick is Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have a full copy news site of Acrobat you may have another program that allows you to create.pdf files. Remember that Acrobat Reader can be used only for opening.pdf files, not for creating them. When Martin finds a web page that he wants to save, all he does is print it, selecting Adobe PDF as his printer. He can then put the file into the pertinent notebook in OneNote.

Quick Historical Fact: Throughout history, all the fiat currencies of great civilizations have failed! The U.S. dollar has had a nice run but it too is coming to a fast end! Learn from the past or you are doomed to repeat it!

Because children so often see violence in movies and videos, it is important to distinguish between pretend and reality. Help your children understand the reality of that day by talking to them about where you were when you heard the Isaimini Movies. Tell them how 9 11 has effected your life. Make it personal and you will make it real.

Getting rid of her hot and cold flashes is a bit trickier. Reading the latest weather forecast sure moderates her temperature, especially when I tell her that we’re going to have a clear, sunny day! Now for the easy part. All I have to do is read the latest blog news about all those bonuses those high-paid executives are getting. Boy, that sure raises her blood pressure!

We use our senses to collect information, and our habits then tell us what to do with that data. What we need to learn about here is how we can make use of it, and what we did last time we experienced the same input.

So take the time to “be your visitor” – you can learn a lot about what makes them tick – which is important if you want to know what makes them click!