Are You An Olympic Network Marketing Recruiter?

So it’s no surprise when I was immediately drawn to Katie Freiling’s recent post, “A 2 Minute Strategy To Get Your Content To The Top of Google… Fast!”. If you haven’t heard about Google’s Social Circle yet, her short post and brief training tutorial not just piques your curiosity but makes you go, “wow, I want that!”. I like how Katie emphasizes the fact that you don’t need to do any extra marketing to drive traffic and leads.

I am sure you are familiar with joint ventures. One marketer agrees to send out details about your product to their mailing list if you do the same send out their product to your list. This happens when you personal blog have a large and responsive list of people. It provides both parties with an opportunity to make sales and increase the size of their opt-in list. People will find you as your list grows larger because your income will too! The more you can show ow much money you make from having a large list the more chances there will be for joint promotions if that is something you want to do!

What if you don’t live in your basement? Are there other reasons to use the Suicide Machine? Absolutely! As many of us have heard, the internet provides for instant transfer and storage of the very best, and the very worst information of the world. This applies to a lot of people due to many colleges and companies scanning social profile s of their students and employees. Angry tweets and status updates have led to terminations from jobs and colleges across the world. If you’re worried that your social profile could prevent you from getting into college, the Suicide Machine is great for you!

Blogging might be the end of you. You might remember the slew of articles which indicated that blogging can kill you, if you don’t monitor your sensory overload levels. You can read more about it in my WorkLifeMonitor blog story, 24/7 Stress, It’s not just a blogger’s world.

I wrote a Like my page in September called You’ll See It When You Believe It that talks about this concept and if you haven’t read it, you should check it out.

Credit too for Colin Montgomerie who led the Team with a skill some doubted he possessed. His pairings were spot on and the singles order turned out to be inspired.

Once you have your host chosen you need to plan the design and structure of the blog. You need to create a style that meets the needs of your potential customers. You need to develop a credible tone for the site and should be updated regularly. If for business, keep it business like as it is the front door to your business reputation.