Article Marketing – Be Prepared To Work

In the midst of overwhelming challenges and against all odds, a simple observation from old country wisdom can be a powerful inspiration. If you should find yourself in circumstances in which the bad news and losses seem to keep coming in waves, remember the story of the blacksmith and the horseshoe.

It is comforting to know that the Father God in heaven can hear us. The Father of Heaven knows us intimately. He has seen and heard everything we have seen, done, and said. In this Lyric I am sure that God wants you to know that he hears and understands This is a brand new collection how you feel today.

Even though I considered a life in the Ministry, my Father basically abandoned us when I was a Senior in high school. So my hopes of going to college were dashed. So I ended up going into Corrections, which lead to my Law Enforcement career. That career ended on a snowy, ice filled night. That night I sustained a career ending injury.

Letter writing keeps me in the middle, sharing myself with others, when I have an opportunity. But would you keep on writing if you got no answers? Sometimes I have felt rejected and wondered if I wrote something that offended them, but most likely, I ‘ll write again anyway, after asking the Lord to brighten an old friend’s day. Then it doesn’t matter if they answer or not–it was done just because it felt right. And no matter how many ‘piles’ my office has, I’ve taken the time to reach out and touch somebody else’s life. I’m positive in my heart that the Lord wants me to encourage others.

This is why employment is a farcical frenzied chase which sees employers chasing employees and employees chasing employers in a circle. Employees try to leverage on an employer’s willingness to give money before seeing results, and employers attempt to leverage on the fear in the minds of employees to earn the margin between the true value of their work and the promised basic income. Do you wish to continue in your current path leading to your participation in such a game?

We all like to say that it’s not the looks of a person that counts. It’s what’s inside, but every advertisement selling us things has handsome people selling them and we spend a fortune trying to look good and a lot less money trying to become better people on the inside.

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If is possible to know God and it is possible for him to speak to your mind as a thought that you know He has given you. When God gives you things to do, He is every good at directing you how to do it. For instance, the SEO newsletter that I opened with the answers about posting on EzineArticles, I used to send right to my trash box each time it arrived, however this time as I was about to delete it Jesus said, “Open this one Matthew, it is important.” I did open it and the rest is history.