Body Language From Your Guy – An Easy Translation Guide

How do I know if an agency is right for our company? Some translation agencies are specialized in certain fields and you should know what their niche may be. Others can offer you a better rate as long as you don’t mind sacrificing quality assurance (some have no reviewing or proofreading department). Ask about their translation process, the qualifications of their team, if they are in house or freelance translators, how long have they been in business, etc.

How much will it cost? The cost varies in function of the length, the complexity, and the formatting of the document. Agency can charge a fee per original word, per page, per hour, per project. Most agency charge on a per word basis. To get a good estimate, send a sample of your document and give the number of words or pages that need to be translated. On many occasions, the total cost will affect your judgment; you probably needed the product translated yesterday and at the lowest cost possible. Choosing an agency because it offers you the lowest rates is not a good business decision. Remember the saying: you get what you paid for.

Avoid repetition in your text. You should avoid repetition in your text and ask for discount for repetition. When writing your text, try to be as straightforward as possible. When engaging a บริษัทแปลภาษา agency, they should have software that can compute the total number of words and repetitions. Ask for these numbers and negotiate a good deal out of it.

Did you know that the world of freelance writing is starting to grow at a fast pace? We believe you should be able to enjoy freelance writing. It is time for you to finally see what you will be able to get when you are writing. For one, you will be gaining knowledge as you are writing and you will be sharing that knowledge with other individuals. If you enjoy sharing your knowledge and you believe you have a lot to write about, then freelance writing is the way for you to go. What? You don’t originally speak English, but you would like to write in English? If this is the case, then you should not shy away from writing in English as you will be able to turn to language translation software.

Some people take audio interviews and then want these to be transcribed for the Internet. Maybe they want to put these things up on their websites. They would want a typist to do this job for them-listen to the interview and then transcribe it word for word. You could do this job, only that you need to be careful about what you hear. Every word needs to be mentioned when you type it out.

Use free translation tools for internal and unofficial communication. You can save yourself and your company a lot of money by using free translation services tools to for internal and unofficial communication. For external and official documents, you should always engage a professional agency or translator to perform the translation work for you.

Your high-value package can contain audio CD’s, a DVD, or a PRINTED version of your e-book. But AGAIN, this is where a lot of guys fail. I have a library of CDs, from Online Marketers that you likely know … and the audio is HORRIBLE! Bandwidth certainly isn’t an issue … so why is it then?

Specialization is a personal decision that you must make for yourself based primarily on your goals, strengths, interests, and, most importantly, on what makes you feel fulfilled as a translator. Find the area that is in alignment with what you really want. And in just that way you’ll become “the one” that market looks for!