Cheap Cd Duplication – Don’t Pay $5 Per Cd…Read This Now!

Recently, I had the honor and privilege of a personal demonstration of the new AudioLife widget by Founder and CEO Brandon Hance. I had come to this demo thinking I already knew what this was – just another way to sell your music. But whoa, this is way cooler. AudioLife is a cool mashup of a lot of things.

Years ago I taped everything on my cassette recorder. It sure did get a lot of usage. Now I enjoy listening to all my music CDs. The quality is top-notch. We have certainly come along way that’s for sure. Don’t you agree?

Have no time to do CD promotion. Making 1000 copies at home will leave you exhausted that you will have no time do online and offline CD promotion. But isn’t this the crucial time for marketing your disc- when you’re about to release it? Spend your energies (and all your time) in marketing your album. Doing the dirty work just to get a few cents is not the best way to become a successful artist. Let others do it for you so you’ll have time to do what you’re supposed to do.

The artwork is usually the cause of delay. As I’ve said, you should prepare the artwork beforehand. This doesn’t only include the picture and the text, there are lots of concerns when making album artwork. You have to make sure that you follow the template (with the right dimensions) of the case you’ll be using. You can ask the cd duplication knoxville tn house of their templates and send it to your designer. You might also need to ask your distributor of their standards in packaging and whether they have additional requirements.

For digital distribution there is iTunes, but guess what, it’s not that simple. In order for you, the independent artist to be sold on iTunes, you’ll need to submit your music through a digital middle man. A popular choice for this is CD Baby; they’ll submit your music for you, but they’ll do it for a fee and they can’t even tell you if it was successful or not. You can’t set your own price, and if you want to update or change something, you’ll have to go through the whole process all over again. And when it comes to payment, you’ll get a check semi-annually. Hope you weren’t waiting to pay bills with that.

Don’t plan a CD release party until the CDs are in hand. Even the best companies have mix-ups or might accidentally ship the wrong product, ship at the wrong speed, etc., so don’t try to set up a CD release party until you’ve actually got your CDs.

Don’t order too many. For my first CD, I decided to buy 1,000 copies, because I figured eventually I’d get through all of them. It’s two years later, and I’ve got boxes and boxes left in my basement, and I’m not happy with the CD anymore, so I don’t even want to sell them.

Affordable CD copying may not be so affordable. It depends on which professional copying company is used. Most companies charge per CD copied. Some companies will charge by the amount on the CD. Doing some research of available companies that specialize in cheap CD copying and reading user reviews is a great way to decide which company will be best for cheap CD copying.