Evry’u Launches Ios Version And Pinterest Promotion

In the old days (say about 10 to 20 years ago or more), marketing was a seriously tough business. Marketers literally had to walk up to people in shopping complexes or malls, approach people at parking lots and of course, the most common one, KNOCK ON FRONT DOORS!

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Follow the KISS principle: KISS, which stands for Keep It Short & Simple, is the way to go presently. I cannot predict whether this trend is the beginning of a completely new era of online behaviour or just a fad but the fact I am sure of is that people want information and entertainment fast. It effectively means the contents should be short and simple while delivering the important information the user is seeking.

Keep in mind that when you are writing tags you need to recognise that Americans and English folks spell words differently. I don’t know why Americans do this but its weird for me and makes a game of Anglo-American scrabble an absolute nightmare! Colour to those in Britain is Color in the states. This is important.

My collection is the place to go for users who want to see and share what is “in” in every niche. From crafting to fashion, the newest trends and loves are being shared. You can see what your audience is loving at the moment, what they are looking for on websites and e-stores. You will be able to use that information to plan your own product placement.

The secret to creative Christmas gifts is creativity and organization. With a little time and thought you can come up with creative Christmas gifts. Pick a money budget so you don’t overspend. Don’t overlook practical gifts such as food gifts. Practical gifts are very lovely for all sorts of people; what you think is an ordinary skill (canning, breakmaking, dried soup mixes) may be someone else’s favorite gift. My favorite gifts from my brother and sister in law include homemade salsa and homemade canned applesauce.

In fact, a road show with live tweet going on is speculated to outperform many other large scale road shows without a live tweet stream. You can call on your followers or fans to join you on the road show. You can get them to help send the word out or ReTweet or Share. You can create a huge buzz and encourage a response. It’s so crazy that you can create an event online and push the buzz button completely online! There is no need for a large team to manage these road show events. All you need is a computer and a free application that can integrate all, or at least SOME, of the accounts.