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I discussed in a previous article my view on the Marketing Mix known also as the 4Ps. In this article I will focus on the first P, known also as the Product.

We can’t live without the machine. We wouldn’t survive. Our connection to the world would be cut short, and all our satellites in space would be clutter among stars. Who knows what this world is doing when nobody is looking, when nobody is connected? Who would arm our defense system if the system were to crash? We wouldn’t survive because we survive on technology, and without it, we would find ourselves back in a very dark age.

Apart from this the screen protectors which are availed to you can help you to get rid from the problems which are concerned with the safety and maintenance of these gadgets. Screen protectors are the best help which can be granted to the users for get rid from the maintenance of these sell old mobile. As a matter of fact, these accessories do not hamper the cell phone with any adverse affect for visibility of these gadgets.

Many people are selling their gadgets through online websites in order to get appropriate cash against their mobile phone. After choosing a good company, you need to check that your mobile phone is mentioned in the database of the website or not. If you find your mobile in the list of website, you will definitely receive good amount of money. When you go to a website to sell your gadget, the website suggests you lowest and highest prices. If you are satisfied with their price, you can move ahead.

There is also the option of getting a brokering company that buys manufactured homes at wholesale prices and then sells them again at a profit. You, as the home owner, will have the right to make a decision on whether to take the deal that is being offered or not. When selling manufactured homes, you need to ask yourself two important questions. The first one is whether or not you want to make a profit and how much. The second is how quick do you want to get a buyer for the home.

I won’t give you a lesson. I will just say that mobile phones emit energy in waves (electromagnetic radiation or EMR) that penetrates the human head and body. And what’s the big deal with this? Television, computers, coffee blenders, hair dryers, and even the vacuum cleaners, they all emit EMR… In order to sell old mobile phones in the USA the manufacturer has to receive an approval from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission). To get that approval there should be SAR (specific absorption rate) tests done. In other words, the manufacturer should prove that the radiation emitted by his phones are within the FCC standards of acceptable radiation absorbed by a mobile phone user’s brain and body.

Knowing your product is not only about knowing its strength, as learning about its weaknesses will also help you using some more advanced Marketing tools. Although I am discussing the product in general, I aim at discussing successful marketing without relying on deception. Promoting a product using various means can lead into its success even if the product is not as it is portrayed by its promoter.

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