Genius Is Not Necessary For Marketing

I hear it all the time. Entrepreneurs are not convinced that they need a plan. And, I have to admit, when I started my first business back in 1999, I didn’t think I needed a plan either. I just figured I wanted a successful business and that was enough to move me forward. I started working with a business coach who gave me quite a few reasons to write a plan. I broke down and wrote the plan. And you wanna know what? It helped my business take leaps toward my goals.

If you are going to be really successful you will have to buy traffic in one way or another. Direct mail is becoming popular again because it is different to email. It makes a change. Offline ads in local papers or supermarkets. I know one marketer who slipped his business cards in books at supermarkets! Be creative! Promote yourself with PPC ads or get yourself on a traffic exchange or two. You can do those on a budget if necessary. Some people buy lists, but I am skeptical about that and don’t want to encourage spamming in anyway.

There is one thing which you must maintain in business blogging. Constantly update you blog content. Blog on a regular basis, ensuring that your customers are kept up-to-date and well-informed. This keeps them on tenterhooks, reminding them you’re still up and running and getting better by the hour.

PPC is a great tool for testing. Let’s say you want to introduce a new product, but you are unsure about the name. After a brainstorming session, you could come up with a few potential names. Then, you could set up a PPC campaign for each of the product names. Within a day you would have you own research project running. What used to take weeks or even months, can now be done in a matter of days. Market SWOT Analysis through PPC costs money, but it is a lot less expensive than traditional methods.

Now that you know how to influence yourself in a positive direction lets talk about influencing others, or intra-fluencing. Having the ability to influence others in business is the key to your success. You want people on your side. You may need there support for an idea or project.

Focus on Niche Markets – It will be difficult to compete with the big league if you’re starting out small. A niche market (e.g. golf, diving enthusiasts, or antique collectors etc.) may not be as saturated. Selling a great product for a great niche will better ensure the survival and success of your business.

Find a solution for your market. Once you knew what problem that your market is facing, it is time for you to create an offer for them. If you don’t have any products, use affiliate products.

These are the 6 simple steps how you can create internet passive income for life. It is not complicated, but it is not easy as well. However, if you are committed and put in your effort, you will be able to generate an extra income stream for yourself.