How Is It Possible To Keep Your Home Secure, Without Even Spending A Cent?

I am not crafty. I am in awe of parents who can come up with a craft for kids to do on a play date. My kids loved making paper lanterns, beading necklaces and strumming on shoebox guitars – but not at my house. My friends and fellow mothers have come up with these activities to keep their homes free of chaos, arguments and boredom during play dates, especially on rainy days. So what’s a non crafty mom supposed to do when her child asks “Mom can we have ____ over for a play date?” I’ve learned not to panic and go to my comfort zone – the kitchen.

Pricing your product is one of your marketing best dowel maker. Companies have been using price alone to drive up the sales of luxury items for years. If a Rolls Royce created a model that you could buy for $9,000 don’t you think it would hurt their image? Absolutely it would. Companies use price to their advantage all the time. Diamonds don’t have much worth except that we have placed a huge value on these precious rocks.

6- Package the deal. Put all the elements of the deal together. Make sure that both parties understand the deal and are in agreement. The more thorough you are in this step, the less chance of a last minute back-out by the other party.

This is a good way to program your mind and thoughts. Instead of allowing others, TV, radio and magazine advertisements to program your mind and thoughts, control you and thereby force you to engage in bad habits, take matters into your hands and begin to constantly program your mind and thoughts with positive affirmations for success and happiness.

Communicate with others. Phone others. Chat with others. E-mail other people. Say something. Open your mouth and say “hello” to others. (Don’t worry, they won’t bite you!) Talk to other human beings! Get the load off your chest.

The Beatles were right when they wrote that song: We get by with a little help from our friends. Without the bolstering up and supportive encouragement from our loved ones, the journey through cancer treatment can be a trying one. Going for chemotherapy and radiation is much more palatable if your best friends are holding your hand, sitting in the waiting room with you, driving you to appointments, and even trying on wigs and hats with you. This is the time of your life when you will see who your true friends and loving supports really are.

Seek and associate with positive people who have the same ambitions in life like you do. Exchange ideas with them. Learn from them. Be creative. Do things differently from others. Be original.

Price testing is a great way to adjust your sales numbers. If you are having a slow month, try testing out a few different prices. Sometimes by doubling or tripling the price of an item, you can increase sales dramatically. This theory works the other way as well. There is a market saturation limit for the price a certain product. If your sales are floundering and you can’t build up the value any more, then you may need to lower the price to increase sales. Testing with pricing will allow you to find the best price for a particular market.