How To Keep Your Cat Healthy In Winter

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Before you try bringing your cat to work, I recommend that you first ask around and talk with other pet owners whom you know have participated in the program. Find out how well their cat handled the stress of riding in the car and being introduced to the new environment. Of course, your pet may not react the same exact way, but what you learn may help you plan your next moves.

Except for both have four legs dogs and rabbits have little in common . The dog is openly part of a pack. The dog owner is the leader or alpha to the dog. The dog wants to please the alpha and is a good training subject.

Some Christmas decorations can cause problems. Tinsel can clog the cat’s digestive system if this shiny, wiggly thing is ingested. Unfortunately, tinsel looks like the perfect cat toy to your cat’s eyes. Certain garlands can be equally hazardous. The metal ornament hangers can scrape or poke the cat’s mouth and have the potential to be at least partially swallowed, causing choking dangers.

Sade had several Kattehule netto around the house both inside and outside so soon she made it clear to Tom that these areas were her domain and to stay out these areas or else! Tom enjoyed high places so he would end up on the roof chasing birds and other neighborhood cats from roof top to roof top. Both cats were successful hunters and often brought their prey in to show off. Not a marriage made in heaven but both cats seemed to work out their territory rights and seldom had a cat fight although Sade would howl like Tom was getting her even though he did nothing but pass by.

The next step is cat trees. These are essentially carpet covered wood pieces that can be multiple levels of play for your cat. Many cats like to perch. Cat trees give them a chance to do this, climbing up varying levels of these cat furniture pieces to find the best perch for the moment. This type of cat furniture is great for an active cat because it offers a play area for the cat and can double as a scratching post for when they want to sink their claws into something.

The holidays change our routines. It’s important to remember that in general cats are not fond of change. They appreciate routine. Parties may take us out of the house more. Let’s make sure our cats have plenty of food and water. Holiday visits may require traveling. Make sure your cat is going to be well cared for if it’s left behind. If you are traveling with your pet, make sure it can be as comfortable as possible, both during the trip and at your destination.

There are lots of condo designs that you and your cat will be pleased about. For your cat, the piece of furniture will be a means to play and relax. For you, on the other hand, it could be a great aesthetic addition to the living room or to any corner of your home. Cat condos are not designed to be plain despite the fact that they have been built to make domesticated felines relax. But what are the specific features that can make the furniture successful ?