Ideal Couples – Love And Happiness For Life

On my quest to understand the sexes. I have been on pursuit of this for about a year now. Well a wee bit over a year. I was doing it to see if I could understand my ex but I am realizing that it was never he as a man but it is his personality. So while you read all your relationship books and self help, dating, ya diya di ya, remember that PERSONALITY is different from person to person despite their sex. I wanted to dig up an old entry and dissect it a little. I want to compare it to what I have learned this past year. Heck, some of my readers say I have learned a lot since I started my ‘Lessons in Love’ series. I agree and that has just been a few months ago.

I’ve been called fat 3 times in as many weeks- once you’ve obviously read about (still no? You might as well right?), once by a complete stranger after ignoring his cat calls, and once by someone who was just insensitive with a poor sense of humor. Part of me can’t help but feel outraged. In a world of people who are downright obese you are picking on ME? Even at my heaviest, at 5 ft tall, I’m FAR from the heaviest in just about any room.

I’d get so tired of everything being a mental battle- a “How much of a workout will I have to get in to have THAT?” I was conscious that what I really wanted was to not have to think about it, to not have to worry about how I looked or what I was putting into my mouth. I was shocked at how often during that period, people would comment on my size. People would ask if I should be eating whatever was in front of me, or if I was thinking about my swim suit.

Spend time with her. Not just sitting together in the same room watching television. Go for a walk, anything to spend some time alone together, exclusively, with just each other. Don’t invite any friends or third wheels along.

Often times we give our children too many choices, and that is too much freedom and opportunity to negatively impact their life. We want them to respect their bodies, but we don’t enforce rules on clothes – especially in how to dress for Mass. We ask them to follow our rules at home, but in God’s home we let them do as they please?

Couples usually fall into routines. When you’re in one, your couple routine ceases to exist and now you have to come up with creative ways to keep your how to get your ex girlfriend back thriving. Try opening up your creative side by writing somecute notes or emails to some naughty phone call conversations.

Another benefit is the cost of running a household. The husband and wives all work, so four paychecks coming into one house seems to ease the strain of today’s economy. When it comes to bills, food shopping, and the other living expenses, the pooled paychecks really are a benefit.

So basically, if you guys got off your lazy asses and got cleaned up a bit, took a dance class or two and brushed up on the rudimentaries of polite behavior, you will have no reason to watch Lola and Jack doing it on an obscure website. You know why? Because you will have numbers in your phone and places to go and who knows, you may actually get somewhere! Or not, but that’s a topic for another time!