Indie Music Promotion – Get Signed Independently

Online music promotion is an important part of music distribution.To have an online presence on the Internet is a direct result of effective music distribution.Online music promotion spells the difference between being an unknown music artist and a popular artist that sells music online.To achieve this,there’s a task so simple even a child can do it-Blogging.

To succeed with your music, you’ll need to know how to use the most popular social media web site to your advantage – Myspace. It is important to get the best tools out there that have responsive support and safely add your myspace plays and views. Some even offer services if you don’t want to do it yourself. Whether you decide to do it yourself or hire a music promotion sites service you must make sure that either the tools or service you use are the most current and have a proven track record. If it is software to do it yourself than make sure that it is updated often and that support is fast. You don’t want to be in the middle of a myspace plays and views campaign and suddenly you cant add plays and views.

There are many free blog platforms online-WordPress,Tumblr,Blogger-it’s up to you to choose the best style suited to your needs.It’s best to use an artist or band name so it’s easier to find you online.Should you decide to use a much more creative blog name, promote it well.

Social media websites are so effective when it comes to promoting music. Especially Facebook, as there is an incredible members logging in every single day. You have the ability to reach a massive audience with sites like Facebook and Twitter. Use these sites as effective tools for networking. The key is to stay active on the sites and make sure that you are constantly updating them. Keep your updates to a reasonable amount within a 24 hour time period though.

You should have a blog as well and always keep it constantly current and updated. Include an article somewhere that gets into the more personal side of your music, and highlight the story behind how everything began. It will help to establish a connection with your fans and take things to a more personal level.

Many artists tend to approach their web promotion thinking that since they have a website and have signed up to a couple of artist showcase sites, that the listeners will just come pouring in. Yes you have managed to target some potential listeners, but you still have to shout, “Hey, over here…you’ll like the sound of this!” A systematic approach to getting listeners to hear your music will attract and maintain their interest. But remember to make sure you have the content ready for the listener to enjoy.

Don’t let online promotion tactics scare you off. It’s as simple as getting the word out. And if you believe in your music, then there should be nothing else you would rather do.