Is A Two Year College A Better Fit For You? Tips To Find Out

The economy is in shambles and it’s getting harder to get a job. Actually in some places, it’s almost impossible to find a job. Especially one that pays anything. Times are tight, companies are looking at every option to cut costs and downsize. This is driving people back to school in record numbers. There is a real need to get some sort of specialized training to be competitive. You’d be surprised at how many job opportunities open up to you even with a minimal amount of schooling.

But how is a single mom, barely making enough money to make ends meet supposed to be able to pay for a fancy college education? With free money Merit Scholarship that’s how.

Until a few years ago, New Jersey operated the Outstanding Scholars Recruitment Program. This very generous scholarship paid full tuition, room, and board for certain high achieving students in New Jersey. For a student attending Rutgers, the monetary value was approximately $45,000 over four years.

You also want to be sure you take advantage of every government program available to you as a single mom. There are a few Scholarship grants in which you need to educate yourself about. The first is the Pell grant, which is awarded in amounts up to $5350, depending on your income level. Plus there is also the FSEOG program that will give you additional aid for college, as long as you qualify for the Pell grant. And to find out if you qualify, all you have to do is fill out the FAFSA as soon as your current year’s taxes are completed.

One of the most important things you should have done by this point is file your FAFSA. If you have not done this, it is extremely important that you do that as soon as possible. The College Project will help you file your FAFSA to help you save time and reduce errors that would likely cost you additional time or increase your college costs.

Tenney and Hultin Join Coaching Staff: Head coach Julie Woodward announced the joining of assistant coach Allison Tenney and volunteer assistant goalkeeping coach Katie Hultin to the Redhawk women’s soccer program this past off-season.

A lot of people misses those kind of opportunity because they don’t know much about the type of schools and promotions. Unless you are professional, it may be difficult for you to find out those schools. Those type of schools are usually hidden from the public, because of its nature as small school and small invest for marketing. However, it doesn’t make the quality of school low- in the other hand, it’s good for people who are looking for small and discussion oriented school!