Is Survey Scout Really Worth Your Money?

Thousands of survey companies are there to help you make easy money. The big question to ask in your quest to make easy money is which of these companies are legitimate. It is actually easier to work out than you might think.

If these things are familiar to you, then you are probably one of the many who are looking for ways to earn extra cash. To tell you the truth, there is one great opportunity for you here on the internet and it is taking a free paid online survey. That’s right; you simply have to complete the online surveys for money and you’ll get paid for it. Getting the questionnaires will not cost anything that is why it is called free in the first place. And best of all, it is done online which means you can access it anytime, anywhere.

Generally speaking, the lower the amounts paid to survey participants the higher the turnover and the higher recruiting fees these low-pay/no pay online survey makers must pay to remain in operation.

Do a Google search for “paid online surveys” and hundreds of pages will come up promising you can make hundreds of dollars a day taking surveys! The fact is that many are promising great prizes and lots of money but they want you to spend your money on “trials” or they let you spend two hours on a “survey” and then you never hear from them again but you do get a lot of spam suddenly.

I. Many times a person will answer a question even if it is outside their sphere of knowledge or responsibility just because the question is being asked. They do not want to be seen as not being an expert. If there is no Opt-Out option and they answer it, it will introduce further error into the survey results. If they skip the question you don’t know if the food wagon came, the bell rang, or they just missed the question. “0” gives them the opportunity to Opt-Out; which is good information to know.

Problem 3: Failure to follow through and do their part — Many people dawdle about in sending out their applications to take surveys. “Oh, it’s too much work!”, “It’s boring”, etc. So the survey makers don’t know that they are there, consequently they cannot send out surveys. And the prospective survey taker gives up because, “There’s no money in it!”!!

Not all survey sites pay very well, so you need to avoid the low paying ones. The key to success, with surveys is, registering with several online survey sites. This is vital if you want to be able to receive several surveys a day. You won’t receive enough surveys if you simply register with just one or two sites. Numbers and quality, matter here.