Keep The Kids Busy With Quick Project Ideas

I love Thomas the Tank! I think he is inspirational and a wonderful role model for children. This article is devoted to finding websites that have free printable Thomas the Tank coloring pages! Children love coloring and they love Thomas the Tank Engine so it is a perfect combination for kids!

You can fill empty 16 ounce soda bottles with sand. If the party is for younger kids, don’t fill them up all the way. This way the “Pins” won’t be too heavy for the kids to knock down. Use a soccer ball or a soft ball as a ball. You can also buy an inexpensive plastic set at a toy or party store.

It is almost Mother’s Day. Here are some easy to print and free printables and coloring pages for children to make for Mother’s Day. Make sure to have the crayons, markers and glitter glue ready.

Outside of getting a piece of jelly that you can use to feed your Neopet, there are some other cool things in this mysterious world. You can stop by the Jelly Store to get items like “Jelly Stars”, “Jelly Green Tea”, “Jelly Sponge Cake”, “Jelly Sushi” and the “Apple Jelly Apple”. Items that are sold in the Jelly Foods store are classified as Jelly Food but so are the free pieces that you can get from the Giant Jelly however those are tagged as “special” items in your inventory. The free ones will feed your pet twice!

Crayola is getting into the holiday by providing seven coloring sheets, coloring books for St. Patrick’s Day. These coloring pages are for children of all ages. There is a leprechaun face that the child would have to finish as part of the coloring page. Crayola also provides free coloring pages of a rainbow, pot of gold, shamrock, horse shoe, and a leprechaun hat for St. Patrick’s Day. These are traditional coloring pages that a child of any age will have fun with.

Puzzles galore – from small novelty sizes to large floor layouts, puzzles are a fun activity your child can do again and again. Look for puzzles with larger pieces and less complex images for little hands and minds to handle easier.

This website is chock full of Easter print outs, free coloring pages, activity pages and Easter projects. Fun for the classroom, Sunday school or even a family night. You will find that there are several links to chose from. There is something for everyone on this website, so feel free to visit them today by clicking here.