Kitchen Gadgets: What Do We Really Need

Spring is here! Open up those windows, air out your house, and tackle those spring cleaning projects. Make sure you add these 5 often overlooked spots to your spring cleaning list.

Use lemons: The power of citrus is an amazing thing for a cleaning tool for the microwave. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a small bowl of water. Add the two lemon halves and microwave the bowl for 5 minutes. The steam from the juice will loosen the hardened splatters and the lemon scent will eliminate the cooking odors. Once the 5 minutes is up then wipe out with a sponge.

Next type of a snorer is the more severe one, we call this the ( I have a cold). You know the sound when someone is really clogged up and sick with a cold and they are constantly blowing their nose? That sound they make that loud piercing, tissue flapping, you want to slap them sound. Well this is the time your kicking becomes abusive, you have had it you can’t take it anymore so you begin to start kicking with more force. They don’t know because they are off in a deep sleep probably dreaming about how much they are loved by us. Well we start kicking and with teeth grinding we growl (roll over! ) and still nothing, this is when we absolutely begin to break the law.

Find a few women who are looking to reduce stress, prepare delicious meals and save money. Have everyone meet and bring some favorite recipes, slow cooker meals and casseroles work well. Pick out a menu, 10 meals is a good place to start. Choose where you will assemble the meals. One person will need to create a grocery list and menu (which will include the instructions for serving day for each recipe). Remember to add freezer bags to the grocery list, I recommend double bagging each meal. Also make a note of any recipes that call for cooked meat. Each person will need to bring their meat, already cooked, to the assembly session for their meals.

If you are in need of household cleaning types of items, there is a great assortment at Big Lots. You can find dishwasher detergent, both liquid and powdered, laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, window cleaner, oven cleaner, Brillo pads, rubber gloves, brooms, mops and dust pans. You can also find great prices on paper products such as napkins, paper towels, toilet paper and tissues, from name brands such as Kleenex.

The black and decker can opener works on the same principle as the manual except that the appliance does all the work. Instead of a handle you can turn on, there is an electric motor that turns it. It has a cord that you use to plug on the power. By simply pushing the button, the can is opened easily and quickly. There is a lever on the top front that you push down; then you can actually hear the can opener working. To stop, just lift the lever. But at the completion of the job, it will automatically stop.

Depending on what time of the day you’ll be meeting, and how many meals you are assembling, you may want to add a couple of frozen pizzas to the grocery list. Then half way through, you can break for lunch.

Luckily I have always figured out when to say when. I would buy some discount kitchen appliances, sure. I might even throw a half dozen other items in my digital shopping cart but always with a firm grasp(mentally at least) on my mind. As long as that is the case you can chase that shopping dragon as far as it wants to fly. Sales and bargains are a great thing to have a nose for and so you should appreciate your talent. Shopping is a necessary thing, so being into it is certainly better than being completely bored and frustrated with it. Dive in and enjoy your passion for shopping, just be read to stick that credit card back in your pocket once you’ve reached your limit. Your wallet will thank you and you’ll be happier.