Make Your Candle Making Crafts A Profitable Hobby

Candles bring a special element to home decor. They bring a pleasing scent and a warm glow from the flame. There are many different designs and colors to choose from so that your candle have a candle that fits your style. It is easy enough to find a candle pretty much anywhere. But there is a great feeling sitting in a room filled with candles you have made. It really is easier to make candles than you might think.

Gel waxes with a 0-3% density (considered low) is unique for candles contain a fragrance. It may also be poured into your candle molds during a lower temperature. Heavily saturated fragrance gel waxes work best with densities in the 3-5% range. Among all types, gel waxes are the most popular among many candle makers who wish to create candles containing decorations. You can drop just about any object into your cooling gel wax to give your candles a unique look. However, be cautious the materials you use to decorate your gel candles will not burn. Although gel wax is fun to work with there are more steps involved in selecting the right grade of gel wax for your candle.

Step # 3. As you are waiting for the wax to melt you are going to want to prepare the wick and the mold. Make sure that the mold is free of dust and hair. Now string the wick through the wick tab if this is not already done for you. When this is done then simply put the wick tab at the bottom of the mold. Many people use glue to hold the wick tab in place, this is a great idea as otherwise the wick tab may fall out of place as you pour the gel wax in.

The first thing that you should have in your mind when making candle is to choose the right wax. If you don’t choose the right wax, the candle tends to bend. And if the wax is too sturdy, there may also be a tendency that the candle cannot burn through and through.

Step # 7. So you have waited 24 hours, now what you are going to want to do is turn the mold upside down and shake the candle out, because you used the oil the candle should slide out easily. Now if you want you can always stop here, you have just completed home Candle making team building. However if you want the three layered, three scented candle then proceed on to the next step.

You may also want to color your candles. If you do, there are many different types of dyes available. There are liquid, powdered, and dye chips. Experiment with these different dyes to see what works better in the wax that you are using. You should read the label on each of these types to see how each one is added to the candle wax.

Choosing wax can be a lot of fun and an interesting venture with a little knowledge of the different kinds of wax, how they burn, where to purchase and what type of vessel to be used in. After you have mastered that, wonderful candle making will be on the horizon!