Making Your Site A Customer Magnet: Hot Seo Tips

Virtually all online SEO tools can be classified into two: paid and free. At first glance, it seems like free tools for SEO have the upper hand. After all, who can say no to no-charge tools? Moreover, a number of them have gained good reputation simply because they work.

14. Your website should portray seriousness which can be depicted by good number of backlinks, fair PR level, reasonable volume of posts on your own blog etc as most webmasters first take a look at your blog/website via your link before approving your comment.

12. Get references. Contact a few current customers and ask if they are happy. Be specific. Do they get good service? Do they feel they are getting a good value? Do they get sales? You can’t lay all the blame for a site with low sales on the ecommerce provider, but hearing from current customers that they do get sales is a positive indicator.

You must balance that pursuit of with the rest of the process of selling someone on your product(s) or service. Most visitors don’t instantly buy from you just because they followed your link. Your website stats will tell you that in black and white.

Writing an article is not hard work. All it requires is some research and note taking. You can use any of multiple sources to find information about the topic that you choose to write about. Then write your article in your own words using the notes that you took during your research. It’s not difficult and it’s something that you learned to do early in school (grade school probably). Write in a conversational tone. Write like you are talking to your best friend.

#1 Write great content and visitors will love you! If you don’t have unique content or always keep the Keyword Rank Checker Tool same old information even people find you they will not stay.

We’ll look at how often you should add fresh content, then there’s the quick way of getting your site seen by people interested in your niche, followed by ways to monetize your blog, how to make sure people find it in the search engines, and finally, the one thing you should be doing after each blog post you make.

While knowing where you stand with your keywords is important, so is taking steps to improve your traffic. Make sure that you do, in fact, have relevant key words integrated into your site. You will need to have metatags for your site as well. By doing so, you will give yourself a significant leg up by helping search engines find you and know what your site is all about. Choose the best meta-descriptions and relevant keywords, and you will have taken a massive leap in the right direction.