New York Holidays – A Trip To New York City Has Something For Everyone

The inner city is defined as inside the Beltline also known as 440. There is a second loop being built starting in the northern part of the city called 540. Most of the roads in the city run north/south or east/west. It is recommended that you either use a map when trying to locate attractions as the city sprawls across such a large area.

This theater is like IMAX on crack. This rare, giant screen is dome shaped and as you walk in to find your seat, you can view the screen moving into position. An interesting side note: the Science Museum of Minnesota building was built around this huge screen.

Hours full size animatronic dinosaur Mystery CBS pm NEW! Vanessa Bulls, the former mistress of Waco, Texas, minister Matt Baker, testifies that he murdered his wife, Kari, in 2006 and tried to make it appear as if she committed suicide.

Chase (NBC, 10pm) – NEW! While pursuing a fugitive who is using explosives as part of his revenge plan, Annie is injured and must turn to bounty hunter Ben Crowley for help. With Annie on the shelf Jimmy must step up and lead the team, which puts Daisy’s tactical experience to work in an effort to bring down the criminal, while Luke is forced to take a more pivotal part in the investigation.

But that unfortunate experience at the Planetarium has not spoiled me from enjoying all that the Science Center has to offer. And there’s so much to choose from. There’s the Omnimax Theater, complete with a wraparound screen and something like 50 loudspeakers, it really puts you right in the middle of the action. So much so that some people get dizzy and have to put their heads down between their legs.

The Woodland Park Zoo is known for its natural looking and enjoyable exhibits. In fact the zoo has won many prestigious awards for its exhibits. There is so much to do and see here at the zoo that this can easily be a whole day adventure for any family. In fact that is what I would recommended is that you take a whole day and while you are there why not take a stroll next door to the beautiful Rose Garden. This is a free side trip as it doesn’t cost anything to view the roses but it is a wonderful experience and it goes well with the Woodland Park Zoo.

So as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to go to town and book a room so you can enjoy it for more than one day. London has more than enough to offer everyone when it comes to getting away from it all for a day or two.