Niche Marketing Online: Two Things That Scares The Pants Off Your Competition

In ‘Low impact openings; How NOT to open a presentation’, I looked at the most common ways presenters begin, all of which are boring, mundane, low-impact and completely forgettable. The objective of your opening is not to bore your audience into a stupor, but to grab ’em by the throat and give them a compelling reason to give you the next 15, 30 or 45 minutes of their lives. So how should you open? Well to start with, energy is contagious, so you need to be warmed up before you take the floor. Try to gauge the audience’s energy level and come out slightly higher. BUT if they’re low key, don’t come out too OTT or they’ll be turned off.

Henry Ford did not invent the car, he invented how to produce cars economically. Jorma Ollila, scott levy fuel online of Nokia, did not invent the mobile phone, but he invented the superior way to lead the mobile phone company. Ingvar Kamprad did not invented a chair, but he invented how to market them effectively through big outlets outside big cities.

The Law of Giving is one of the foundational Universal laws that states what you give you will receive. My husband Sergio often says “sharing is having more.” The best way to improve your life, to grow your business, to find the love of your life, to feel good about yourself… is to give. There is a part of giving that a lot of people overlook though. And that is receiving.

A flexible schedule and less stressed work as you are not working under instructions. You work just the way you want and just at the time you feel like. If there are less bills to takcle, then working from home is heaven.

That’s the question many are asking. We have watched the industry change and transform itself over the last decade or two. Except all the innovation has come from solidly wireless companies and networks.

They then complained about low growth, no profits and blamed the economy for their problems. I felt better at that point with their clearly powerful and insightful analysis. Clearly they were Dunderheads. These CEOs did not make the connection that planning helps you deal with the economy and the issues that challenge your business. I am getting my pointed stick dipped in organic monkey dung to deal with these guys. It is organic dung because they are CEOs after all.

Yes, but how an earth you can build on your strengths, if you have just started? Well, our strengths are old ones and we have had them since childhood. If you think your hobbies, schooldays, armydays, friends and home, you will get a list about things you have always liked.

When the fundamentals change for the worst. If any of the growth rates for any of the key fundamental ratios change, find out why. Particularly watch for a slip in the Return on Invested Capital (ROIC). That’s a huge red flag.