Online Dating – 5 Tips For Writing A Better Profile

Are you afraid your dream of writing a book will die inside you? May I be honest? It may, if you don’t plan and get it done. With the right planning and knowledge, you can easily write your important message into a book.

Enlarge your setting profile to gain brand recognition. Facebook doesn’t make it well known, but you are capable of enlarging your this blog to as much as 200 x 600 pixels. A larger picture offers you better visibility. This is a great opportunity to post your company logo or a promotional banner of any kind. You can even swap it out once a week to keep things fresh and interesting.

Everybody is still learning, and will continue to learn, as our society and the social platforms change and morph daily. I don’t believe there are social media experts, because nobody knows it all. Who could keep up? There are lots of social media gurus, specialists, advisors, consultants, geeks, and people like you and me that find our own niche to connect with people.

Give yourself a break. You don’t have to write a 350 page book like your colleague to be successful. It doesn’t even have to be 150 pages. Simply write a short book approximately 100 pages long and fill it with your insightful information, your expertise and/or your experiences. You get to shorten your examples and stories. With a short book, you have no pressure to add every piece of information you know about your topic. Instead, if you have too much information divide your material into two books. Your customers will love you for it. They’ll buy both books because they are easy to read and short.

This is the part where the message is finessed, the target audience and call to action are narrowly defined, and a business system is set up. Once completed, the setting up social profile are set up. With a strong purpose in mind (focus), the business system is tested through trial, error and adjustments. Your brand perception is being formed by your audience and your job is to make sure their perception is matching your desired reality. Conversations are happening, and it is up to you to communicate your message clearly, demonstrate your credibility and show some personality to create your brand.

Since her passion had been buried for awhile, it bursted out like fireworks. I explained that she didn’t want to be like the 87% of startups that fail, so branding and strategy were the keys to being successful. As most startups, she had a long list of things she wanted to achieve and get out of the gate running. After putting a seat belt on her, we were able to hone in on the core passion, purpose and top three goals to formulate her plan. I had her write her back story and write her social media posts in a word document for a week. At the end of the week, she understood why the branding and social media strategy needs to be well thought out and planned ahead in order to stay consistent with a strong message.

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