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The network marketing company isXperia was founded in 2007 and it is based in Ft. Myers, FL. The company says that it is product focused and people driven. They have a pretty wide array of products and opportunities within their company. They have health products, skin care products, travel packages, and even their own web design service called id180.

A variety of personal intrest topics may be covered and mostly are provided to the writer by the corporation. You may also receive a list of rules, sample style sheet, and writing guidelines. In many cases, the company will give you an outline of what to write about, how often to post, and what pertinent links must be in the blog post.

One friend feels “that whole concept is nasty: dress like a teenager and go after young guys only based on their age? Ewww! Sooo low-class. Where’s the dignity? Plus, I have NEVER heard that term used by a male in anything but a very derogatory sense. Update: She eventually got caught (too) and you should have heard her swooning about the whole experience. I did date a guy, briefly, who was 9 years younger than me, but it was because I was impressed with his intelligence, he was very together, and his manners/politeness were well beyond his years. I just flowed naturally, never an act.

Recently they have introduced blog automation software programs to help the writers who are completely out of fresh ideas for their blogs. It is an easy enough process. All you have to do is log in to internet and upload whatever you have written earlier in to their sites and schedule the updating frequency. Even better they will provide you with a list of samples of posts relating to you blog that might interest you in case you do not have previously written articles.

Blogger is missing many features that are beneficial to business bloggers and pro-bloggers. People who write job will probably do just fine with Blogger but if you want to run a company blog and have high hopes for it, it’s a good idea to go with another platform like WordPress. Blogger lacks features such as contact forms, article tagging, comment editing, comment subscriptions, etc. Moreover, Blogger cannot be integrated easily into other websites such as Technorati. Customization options are limited as well since few templates are available.

His first album entitled, B.o.B Presents the Adventures of Bobby Ray is due out in the first part of 2010 from Atlantic Records and he hopes that it will mark his territory and presence in the industry. “With my album I really want to make an accurate introduction. I really want what I stand for to be present for my first album. I want to make a heavy impact.” When it comes to the making of the music for the album Bobby Ray has done almost all the work himself. He writes, creates and produces all his tracks. And he says it begins with inspiration which he likens to the sunlight and water that a plant needs to grow.

Blogging is straightforward. Writing a blog post must be one of the easiest ways of getting your contents onto the internet. You simply write your piece, maybe keyworded, paste it into the blog and wait for Google(TM) to index it, as it likes blogs with all that updated content. Blogs are free to set up so you could start a business only having to pay for hosting.

Finding your voice is a process and something I continue working on daily, but never fear, your unique voice that no one else can claim, is within you. You just need to chip away until you find it.