The Amazing World Of Swimming Pool Pumps

Everyone loves swimming pools. They help tame hot summer days, they provide a great hang out for friends and family and they are a great way to stay in shape. But there is more to it then just owning one. They take work, money and knowledge. One of the most important things when it comes to your backyard oasis it making sure that you choose the best pump for your design.

The more use your pool gets, the more often you’ll need to do a complete filtration. Because pool pumps are measured in gallons per minute, multiply the time by 60 to convert it to minutes.

It is also possible to use heat pumps which raise the level of the water temperature. A simple mechanism which just requires you to set a temperature, absorbing energy from the air and returning it to the pool water.

One of the things you might want to check is the skimmer box. In fact, this is one of the most common problems to have with a Lakewood Ranch Pool Repairs. The best way to do is to keep your water level at least halfway to the box. Not doing so for prolonged periods of time, letting the box suck air can damage your pump and can cost a fortune to replace.

I like many of the features of this unit. It is a very quiet running unit, which is important as the unit is installed outside a bedroom window. The strainer basket is very easy to see, with a large window with great visibility. In addition, access to the strainer basket is a simple matter of the release of two hand turned knobs, which drop to the side allowing the removal of the clear plastic lid. This is a much easier to use design than the spin off locking rings that the Jacuzzi and other brands utilize. It is simple to remove the motor assembly (four fasteners) and the inner pump parts may be serviced without disconnecting the pipe fittings. This is a great design concept.

While filling the pump up with water and maintaining it completely full, open and close the valves repeatedly, back and forth. If there is air in the line, when you open, then close the valve, you will see a “burping” action with the water. Each open and close action will force more water from the lines. When you can no longer get it to burp, close the lid, open the valve, and turn on the pump. If there are more than one suction line, I suggest you open only one till pump is fully primed, then open the other one at a time.

Use a small hand broom to clear away any cobwebs or leaves that may have gathered around the pool pumps cooling fan vents. While you are at it, give the whole area around the pump a sweeping out as well.

So it’s not that hard and you’ll know whether you have a pump that’s too big or too small. If it is time for a replacement pump, consider the Pentair Whisperflo pool pump. Not only is it quiet but it is extremely efficient and economical.