The Best Spinner – Amongst The Best Article Spinners

This software has been created by the famed Alexandr Krulik, creator of Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter. If you haven’t heard of these programs please brush up by Clicking Here! Alexandr came on the internet marketing automation scene in 2009 and took the website marketing arena by storm. His two products out performed other marketers products by an immeasurable amount and COST LESS!

No matter where you choose to post your article rewriter tool, they should be easily found with the help of any search engine. The best way is to choose key words that aren’t highly used.

Most people start off with either AdSense or affiliate marketing – the payoff for affiliate marketing is usually bigger but more inconsistent, primarily because someone has to actually buy a product in order for you to get money. Most affiliates start off by signing up with Clickbank, and I advise you to do the same. Let me briefly explain what affiliate marketing is, some basic tips on increasing your sales, and finally the pros and cons.

Article Submitter: I do not reccommend using any article submitter, because none of them do what they say they are doing. For example some say they submit to 1200 article directories, but when you go to those directories to check your articles, you’ll see none of your articles were placed in any of those directories and most of those directories don’t even exist.

You can set the software to post your blog posts every day, week or random, and it also has the function to ‘spin’ the body of the articles you use. I disagree with using spinner software, as it can make the article unreadable at times, and is not original. So the instructional video gets you to sign up for the article rewriter tool review tool through their affiliate link of course.

You can link your articles to Blogger blogs and Squidoos too. This is another good marketing ploy to help your main websites. With the free version you can submit 30 articles to 50 different domains which is enough to start off for many people.

Keeping track of current events and the latest trends is one way of ‘listening’ for the next big problem. Sometimes we dont have time, or maybe we are keeping an eye open, but nothing is catching. So we have to start looking for our next big project.

Tom thanked me a lot for showing this mighty article rewriter to him, and now he can devote into his job completely without any worry. How about you, my fellow reader, are you ready to try it by your own?