Therapeutic Writing And Constructive Thinking

By now you know that a blog is a great way for a travel writer to break into travel writing. Travel writers all over the world blog on a daily basis about travel. Did you know that you could use your blog to find freelance writing jobs?

Whether you love to explore the highways and byways across America or perhaps you have traveled extensively in Europe, Asia or the other continents, you probably have found some travel locations “dos” and “don’ts”. Today, many people are sharing this knowledge by hosting a travel tips. While this may seem like bragging to some, in reality it is a great service to others who love to travel the open road.

Travel: Do you love to travel. Maybe you are a student taking a year out from college or uni. Base your blog around your exploits. Write about your travels, take pictures and create videos of all your experiences. Give out your blog URL to all the people that you meet. Encourage them to visit your blog and leave you comments. Heck you could even put some advertising on there, and earn while you travel. How cool would that be.

Of course with any website, your auto blog will only gain momentum once it gets a lot of traffic. This is why marketing is essential. There are many simple but effective ways to market and get traffic to your auto blog that consist of people who share the same interests on cars.

You can even blog about announcements of the new models or reviews of certain car ranges that you could help others make a buying decision. You can even compare different models and tell your audience which one you think its better.

You can write about your travel experiences as a ghost writer for the blogs of others. There are people who hire writers and they pay for each post you give them. To keep blogs fresh and interesting different and unique content is needed. The task of writing fresh articles every few days is not easy. The blog owner gets relieved of a huge load off his shoulders when he hires writers to write for his blog. 400 to1500 word posts will make apt articles for blogs. Writing for blogs is much easier and lucrative than writing for newspapers and magazines.

What you need for your travel blog to be successful is you need relevant and highly critical feedback for all aspects of your travel blog. Additionally, you will need some personal guidance from a person who has been there and has done that, learn how to get visibility on travel heavyweights like Lonely planet.