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Do you want to make a financial donation to a list of charities that are closely helping the causes that you would love to help? Giving back to others is a noble one; but you can maximize the impact of giving by following some simple tips that will help to make much of your donations to list of charities.

Recording is good. The IRS wants records; and if you want to enjoy the tax write offs, it is great to present good records. Documents to validate the donation can be obtained from non-profit charities.

I am so passionate about books for kids, that I have been working for a non-charitable non profit organization dedicated to bringing the best literature to poor and underprivileged children for the past five years. If is not like my books for children job was the only thing that I could get as far from it. In fact, I had left a really good job in the professional world to bring books for kids to those who need them most. Although it has taken its toll on my lifestyle, and stopped me from enjoying some of the luxuries that I used to have, I would say that it is easily worth it. After all, instead of just working to make money, I get to really spend each day pursuing something that I am truly passionate about. I love books for kids, and I can help some of the young ones love them the same as I do.

Moving into a new home can sometimes a chaotic one. Sometimes the sale goes through and sellers scramble to urge their belongings packed up and loaded into the trucks. Then once they get to their new home, there is not a trace of organization. Boxes that were hurriedly jammed with stuff are in disarray and unpacking them appears like additional work than it’s value. This is usually how folks find yourself reputable local charities with duplicate irons toasters coffeemakers. In their frustration of being unable to find a necessary item from the boxes, some favor to simply purchase another.

There are many organizations committed to helping third world countries gain access to clean water. $1000 to $10,000 can build a well in Ethiopia for women who now walk miles every day to an unclean water source that has leeches. Compare that with other areas that have water and you can see the positive change in the lives of the people.

This week the Cat Depot, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit no-kill cat adoption centers located in Sarasota, Fla., sent its Emergency Rescue Team to Joplin. Dedication is this team’s middle name. According to executive director, Shelley Thayer, the Cat Depot rescue team, which includes five women and two men, spent their first night sleeping on the floor of the Joplin Humane Society.

Moments later a horsetail was laid on the counter in front of me. I never did size up the beast, but I would guess it measured in at ten inches or so. I tossed my head around to find that my hair just graced my shoulders. This was something I hadn’t see for at least 15 years. It was short.

And there is one last requirement. You need to have the desire to make a child smile. Accepting that you can instill confidence in a child that may feel shy about looking in the mirror is the first step. Then, put that hair up in a ponytail one last time, take a deep breath and make a child’s day!