Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas She Will Surely Adore

At 16 this New Zealand native has accomplished something no other of her countrymen have achieved. Hayley Westenra’s album “Pure” went 10 times platinum in her homeland. “Pure”, which is being released in North America today (April 6), has already sold over one million records and climbed charts faster than any record in history in New Zealand and the UK.

White’s big break came when she was 25. She was offered the starring role in The Perils of Pauline. In the early part of the 20th century, “chapter,” or serial, films were very popular. The Perils of Pauline contained 20 episodes and starred the brunette Pearl White. White donned a blond wig when she discovered it filmed better. She became an international star registry when the Pauline serials were box office successes, yet she could still walk down the street without being recognized. She earned a whopping $3,000 a week for her work on the Pauline serials and followed those with the equally popular The Exploits of Elaine.

Here is the general criteria: 1) Overall impact on their team; 2) Overall impact on their sport; 3) Overall importance of the sport in the city’s landscape; 4) Hall of Fame/longterm potential impact on the sport.

Bruce Lee (Hong Kong) Though Lee has been dead over 30 years, his magnetic presence on screen and spectacular stunts have earned his films cult status. Born in California, marrying an American, but speaking Cantonese and achieving fame through his work in the Hong Kong film industry, Bruce Lee was the original hybrid between East and West.

Sharon took her three daughters, Jill, Eileen and Carrie Ann, back to her hometown of Timmins, Ontario, about 500 miles north of Toronto. There, she married a native Canadian from the Ojibway tribe, Jerry Twain. Soon after the marriage, two more children, Mark and Darryl were born.

Jackson was able to mesh a number of different genres in his music from disco to rock to R&B and never miss a beat. He singlehandedly changed the way we view music by creating elaborate music videos that told stories and took the audience on a journey. Thriller alone is not only the best video ever made but possibly the best song ever made. He along with Madonna are responsible for MTV’s success.

Gael Garcia Bernal (Mexico) While Bernal starred in Amores Perros and Y tu Mama tambien, his real fame in the U.S. came when he played a young Che in The Motorcycle Diaries.

Back in her apartment, she rummaged around until she found a Bible on the reference shelf, next to the dictionary. She paged through until she found Luke 18 and she began to read…