Wedding Day Services At Salon 119 & Day Spa In Palm Springs

Okay, most men shudder at the mention of being a “metrosexual”. Even though the term simply means a man who is well groomed and versed in today’s fashion trends, the term may not carry the weight it should in your household. If you’re looking for a way to turn your rough and tumble guy into a well groomed hunk then pop some salon and day spa gift cards into his stocking – he’ll thank you for it. And you’ll thank you for it.

Salon 119 & Day Spa will set up an appointment for you to have “a trail run” of what will be done on your wedding day (for hair and makeup). This is to make sure the wedding day goes smooth, and to be sure the bride is getting the exact look she wants on her special day. You will get a chance to talk with Nathan and he will complete the entire process from start to finish. Which will give you, one less thing to worry about before the wedding.

By changing the way we do business. It was taught and encouraged to NEVER discount services. Now it is encouraged to market with discounts. Becoming an affordable high end mobile spa services johannesburg has changed everything.

Hair treatments are also a useful service. Aromatherapy and conditioning treatments are a great way to help strengthen hair and return it to its natural shine. Treatments are recommended for those that are trying to grow their hair out, use frequent heat when styling (flat irons, curling irons, hair dryers), or that use color or highlights.

Anti-aging Treatments: More and more men are lining up to try and get rid of those crows feet and unsightly lines. Make him an appointment for microdermabrasion or an Oxygen Infusion treatment. He’ll never look better!

The most expensive item on the menu is the Day of Bliss which includes a gourmet lunch. If you are in Raleigh for a long business meeting this might be something to consider.

Now that you’ve heard from real professionals in the industry you can go into your new career with a little something extra that may just put you ahead of the curve. Depending on where you are in the process you may still be searching for the perfect cosmetology school to get you started. You will likely be able to find an excellent program at your local technical college. Check out one today!

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