Wedding Photography – Is It Important?

There is an art to taking to good pictures at any event. Whether you are photographing a wedding, your kids birthday party or the Winter Olympics, you need to be prepared in order to get great shots. If you will be lucky enough to be going to the Winter Olympics, I would like to offer some tips that may help you get some good shots.

wedding photography is the bread and butter of many photographers, but you do have to work well under pressure. One friend of mine who is an exceptionally fine photographer tried doing weddings for a while. “I did several of them,” he told me. “But I didn’t like doing it because there was such an urgency about it. You absolutely have to get the picture at the moment.” He went back to doing other kinds of photography, where he could be slower and more deliberate. But other photographers thrive in the exciting environment of weddings. Just know yourself.

First, a little background. We are wedding photographers in Grand Rapids, Michigan and have only had an intern program for five months. We have actually just hired our second intern though we have a third lined up to begin in the fall. However, despite its infancy, our intern program has been extremely rewarding and we believe it’s because we didn’t start one too early. We took the time to work through the following points which we believe have been critical to its success.

Mindy Miller of Red Rock Studios would be thrilled to be your photographer for you special day. She studied photojournalism at New Mexico State University. She believes that through her photography she is “able to preserve life’s most treasured milestones” and keep your moment “alive forever.” She can truly work magic with her camera. Browse through her online gallery and if you like her style, you can reach her at (702) 325-4408.

Should Two: Every bride should wear a white gown with a long train and a bridal veil for her wedding ceremony. This old “should” is definitely outdated. The bride should wear what makes her feel the most beautiful. If that means a tea length 1950s inspired taffeta dress with a birdcage veil, than that is your wedding dress. If you want to add a splash of color to a more traditional wedding gown, add a colorful sash or unique bridal jewelry. Just don’t let anyone force you to wear something that does not feel like you.

Go to wedding exhibitions – from limo services, wedding dress to wedding photographers, it is good opportunity to find a few photographers you can talk to and discuss with. Often at these exhibitions, there are plenty of great offers for customers.

Try not to lose any friends in the run-up. Organising a big event can be quite stressful, so try and be aware of your new stress levels when you are dealing with people. And enjoy it and if possible share the organising with others who would also enjoy playing a part.

Watch out for the “Crouching Tiger” scheme. There is one such company here in Oklahoma City that does this. They advertize a super-low rate of $250 to shoot your wedding. A cheap $250 deal can end up costing $1000 plus, so read the small print make sure you know what you’re paying for.

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