Wedding Videography Made Simple

It was a big day at the Little Church of the West for Jennifer and Bob. Located at the south end of the World Famous Las Vegas “Strip, this historic chapel is renowned for its celebrity weddings throughout the decades, which include the likes of Richard Gere & Cindy Crawford, Judy Garland, Zsa Zsa Gabor, George Sanders, and more.

One of the most expensive things to buy when preparing for a wedding is the wedding dress or gown. Because these dresses tend to be very expensive, many brides just rent them to get savings along the way. However, the disadvantage of renting wedding gowns is that you will have to return them after your wedding day. So, this simply means that you will not have the gown in your possession; if that is going to be the case then that can be something disheartening on the part of the bride, isn’t it?

Budget is really a hot topic when it comes to weddings, but this should not be the first thing that you let go of. If you take a look at other options, there will be cheap services from videographers. More popular choices often have a higher rate because they have already made a name for themselves in the industry. If you want to take the more affordable choices, then you should really search online carefully. There are so many options that you can look at. It is just a matter of looking at their sample videos and check if these will pass your standard. If it does, then there’s no problem. You just need to negotiate prices with them to still fit in your budget.

Do you get a second bid? I am often asked that question. While I always invite clients to get a second bid, I also warn that they are rarely going to be comparing apples to apples. If you get a second bid get it from a company that is doing comparative quality of work. You get what you pay for in this business. You wouldn’t visit the Mercedes or BMW dealer and then walk over to the “Buy Here-Pay Here!” auction lot and exclaim “Oh my, these are so much cheaper and I bet they are just as good!” now would you? You are ALWAYS going to find someone who can do it cheaper. But most often it is going to LOOK cheaper. Do you really want your brother in-law the Videographer doing your corporate image video? Not likely.

Wedding Videos are used by widows and widowers to remember the special people who departed. Grieving for a lost love is a difficult process but through videos, you will be in a position to look back and appreciate all the wonderful moments you shared. This will also help you deal with your loss. Instead of looking back with gloom, you will look back with excitement and see the beauty of days gone by. They will inspire you to look for similar memories in the present. This is because what is gone is gone; you still have a life and have lots of love to give. Take time and really think on the kind of love that will be inspired to you by good videos of love. One thing you can be sure of is that when you are feeling low, you will get lifted into something magical.

So if you are promoting a service for which you can take a video, upload it to YouTube and then embed it into your website. It may sound tricky, but they provide the exact piece of code needed to cut and paste into your website. It should only take you seconds.

Most importantly, remember the bride and groom are the stars of the show. They will keep the wedding video you produce for a lifetime and will be sharing it with their children and maybe even their grandchildren. You want them to have a complete documentation of their special day.