What Are Some Apartment Garden Options That Fit In Tight Spaces?

Growing herbs in pots is as easy as growing herbs in an outside garden. There is no difference from an indoor herb garden to an outdoor herb garden; they both need the same growing requirements. Whatever, Growing herbs in pots is a great way to have a herb garden in a confined area. Pots of herbs on the patio – near the kitchen – can also be a good focal point.

When you remove the plant from the little container that you bought it in, it will usually be root-bound, so tease the roots apart a little to help optimize growth. Plant herbs that grow taller in the rear of the container, plant shorter herbs in the front, so that all plants get plenty of light. Cascading plants such as Oregano and Thyme should be planted near the edges of the container so they can spill over the sides. Some tall Growing herbs include: Basil, Dill, and Rosemary. Medium size includes: Chives, Oregano, Parsley, and Sage. Short: Thyme. You can fit quite a few plants into a single container, but you will have to harvest more often so that they don’t get overcrowded. Next, water the plants in.

You can designate a patch of garden for growing herbs or scatter them throughout your landscape. A good size garden for an average family does not need to be larger than four by six feet. Since most herbs are perennials, be sure you pick a spot where you don’t mind them coming back up year and year, and possibly spreading. You can start out with herb plants from your local nursery or try starting them from seed. If you go with the latter, I suggest using good quality seeds. Visit your local greenhouse or nursery for top quality plants, seeds and helpful advice.

The herb plant known to us as chives are known to botanists and gardeners as “Allium schoenoprasum”. Allium just means they are a member of the onion family. No one knows what schoenoprasum means. This latin terminology is called binomial nomenclature. That means two names. In latin. When referring to plants, binomial nomenclature is really just a way to keep botanists busy. Botanists sort plants according to their fruiting and flowering structures, but that takes up too much time when growing chives at home.

Milk Growing herbs baths are also easy to make. One can use liquid milk or powdered milk to make a skin loving milk soak that is sure to please. If one chooses to use liquid milk, then it should be made in small amounts, refrigerated and discarded within 2 days. Powdered milk baths last longer since there is no moisture content in them other than the fragrance. Most people prefer milk baths made from powdered milk because it lasts longer and does not spoil as liquid milk does.

Now you don’t have to get disappointed if you live in apartment, which does not have land space available to create basic herb garden. People living in apartments can use hanging baskets for growing herbs. The process of growing herbs is similar just make sure herbs get enough water and are placed close to sunlight area.

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