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When a user in an organization sends an email, a lot happens behind the scenes. When the user clicks send, the message is handed off to a service running the simple mail transport protocol (SMTP). It is the job of the SMTP service to contact the recipient mail server and transfer the message to the mail server. If the SMTP service stops responding, mail cannot be sent.

The third “C” is Consequences. By that I mean, what are the consequences to the landlord of serving a 3-day notice that is defective in content or incorrectly served. The answer is that you are in trouble if the tenant contests the case and shows up at trial. If the tenant doesn’t contest the case or doesn’t show up at trial, i.e. you win by default judgment, then you got away with your mistake and you’ll win anyway.

Once you have gotten used to this, you may want to check out the various types of software that you can download. These help modification and use of the servers much easier. Even though they may seem a little difficult at first to use, the truth is that it will only take a little bit of getting used to.

It is not uncommon in a foreclosure action that the lawyer/client pays $150.00 to a private investigator to serve the property owner. Serve fifteen to twenty a week, work from home, and you can see how a process server who has a good list of clients can have a net annual income equal to the lawyer.

Class Mix – Here established census sites can help you (just use a search engine for “Warcraft Census”) the differences between one server and the next is huge. Class matters because the materials used to make armour is entirely dependent on the class of character the armour is for. Likewise the weapons used can generally be classified by class (swords for Warriors, maces for Paladins, etc.) Realms with a large Mage population will require a lot of cloth armour. It’s that simple. So taking tailoring as a profession would be a good choice in this case. Check out the server you plan to roll a new character on and see what the class mix is. This information is easily and freely available.

Always tell someone where you are going and who you are serving. This could be your spouse, friend, co-worker or client. Someone should know where you are.

In my configuration I found a hard drive that was large enough to handle me putting all the videos in one location. Then I configured the uShare media server to read that hard drive.

Once you have uploaded the files and changed the permissions, all you need to do is browse to the script in your favorite browser. If the browser window is blank, then everything has probably worked OK. Check in your cgi-bin directory to see if the file after.htm has been created and that it contains the words ‘goodbye cruel world’.