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From day to day we struggle with problems in career, family, and romance. Logic and reason are powerful analytical tools. Feeling and intuition are the human qualities a clairvoyant will use in a psychic reading to uncover hidden and hard to get pieces of information. It is when we balance both our reasoning and intuitive faculties that we begin to soar.

The intuition is our inner voice and it acts like a guardian angel working hard to steer us in the right direction. It is in touch with our deep inner self and there is much wisdom deep inside us all. It pays to listen to it.

Mind transformation is the result of applying certain spiritual laws consistently, until they literally revolutionize our insanité d’esprit succession. These principles are all found in the Bible, and in good and wholesome books, which teach these Biblical laws, even if they do not mention scripture and verse. They are called by varied names, but when analyzed, can be traced right back to the principles God gave ages ago. This is because the rules of success really originated with God and they never changed. Those principles will be just as true one hundred or one million or one billion or one trillion years from now, as they were in the days when God first gave them to mankind to write down in His Word, the Bible.

If you want to move towards spirituality, try Jungian analysis. This is the closest thing that I know of to how I achieved my own spiritual growth that led me to my “original experience” of God. Jungian analysis will cost you some money. Worse than that it will require some courage to face your impaired mental faculties own shortcomings and humiliations and monsters. That’s why so many people avoid it and say, “There must be another way.” But real psychotherapy has put me in touch with my real self and real spirituality.

Do not attempt to go off of this drug alone. Make sure there is someone with you at all times to monitor your behavior, and make sure that they have all of your appropriate medical information available to them. This goes double if you are on multiple medications.

I believe in God, but not religion. I don’t believe on “faith,” but on the basis of evidence. I believe in reincarnation and the Law of Karma. I believe in love but not marriage. I accept dreams as evidence and as a source of spiritual truth. I believe in science but not scientism. I believe in evolution but not Evolution. I believe that psychotherapy is the way to a new civilization. All these things are explained in the book.

The act of self inquiry is to be constantly asking questions: Why am I doing what I am doing? Why do I get this result? These questions act as filters and help prevent any kind of negative thinking to take a permanent and long lasting hold.

There are many other ways to tame the jumping monkey. Find something that works for you and stick to it. Soon you will see that you have a much keener ability to concentrate. Then holding a mental picture of your vision becomes easy and enjoyable. It also creates results.